Orphan Disease

by Orphan Disease

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released August 13, 2013

Transnational Debate TRD-014



all rights reserved


Orphan Disease Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: She Lives in Dreams
There's a place we can fly
when we start to fall
Our bodies can't die
if we never come down

The bumblebees crawl
from between your lips
A constant low buzz
of half-formed ideas

She lives in dreams

Scissors help you sleep
Held tight to your chest
Arms open & wide
Silver snakes in your bed
Track Name: C​.​R​.​E​.​A​.​M. (O​.​F. T​.​H​.​E. R​.​O​.​T​.​T​.​E​.​D. C​.​R​.​O​.​P​.​)
Cash Resists
Amongst Men
Financial Thieves
Have Every Right
Or They Take 'Em
Dying Culture's
Outward Progress

Hear the crow call
Watch the flies buzzing
Eat all you can
While it's still flowing
Countries will fall
Bailed out for nothing
Colonized man
Counts down the moments

Cash Reflects
A Modern
Freedom Trickles
Haven't Even
Reached Our
Town's Trough
Each Drop Concerns
Real Organized

Cash Respects
& Maintains
Track Name: Never Say Anything
Do you remember every call?
Or my long winded banal texts?
See our endless email exchange?
How long I waited to call back?

They watch you while you're asleep
Keep track of when you're away
Don't care if you're bad or good
Just be careful what you say

This is modern transparency
All my secrets are your secrets
All your secrets are classified
At least I know you're listening
Track Name: The Ballad of Jane Roe
Jane Roe
left her past lives
Identified as a lesbian in love
but then
her mother disowned her
& then kept her daughter
from her

Turn coat for her
own gain
Political martyr
Claims to be a pawn
She'll follow either side
if you can pay her price

Lost his first case

Chase dollars
Change your mind
Choose faith
There's no sides
There's only
Jane Roe
Track Name: Live Active Cultures
Raised to fear ourselves
Shames & told you're wrong
The victims are to blame
Silenced & sent away
Held to old standards
Choked by self-image

"Don't walk alone at night," they say
"Don't leave your house dressed that way," they say
Excuse to harm your right to live
Limit your personal freedom

Choose to love yourself
Feel safe in the dark
Reject environments
of fetishized violence
Wars that we're waging
Keep us in cages